Understanding The Relationship Between Google And SEO

Velma765 17 June, 2017 0

Google has received media attention repeatedly due to the data it collects from web users. Many businesses from different sectors today benefit from this type of information, and you can also benefit from it since it is a handy resource to identify and connect with your prospects. Let us know in depth how you can […]

Tips For Improving Mobile SEO

Velma765 8 April, 2017 0

Cell phone use has had an incredible growth, and it looks like it will continue to grow, so every time it becomes more necessary to optimize the SEO of your website for mobile. There are a lot of factors to look at when optimizing a website for mobile platform: Do I need a website for […]

Advantages Of Mobile Marketing

Velma765 9 January, 2017 0

Advertisers have shown a strong demand for mobile marketing for five years, according to Frank Powell, who writes for the website Mobile Marketer. Powell also expects the trend to continue. Your business can benefit from ads that go directly to the phones of your customers, but you have to understand the specific advantages of mobile […]

Trends In Mobile Phone Marketing

Velma765 2 January, 2017 0

According to some analyst, smartphones will continue to grow faster than PC and even above the television. The volume of apps continues to grow. Google also includes a distinctive search result from mobile devices that indicates whether or not the page that appears in the result is ‘mobile friendly”. Everything indicates that the mobile will […]

What You Need To Know About Pay Per Click Advertising

Velma765 27 May, 2017 0

The pay per click (PPC) is a billing method in Online Marketing, like the CPM. With this method, advertisers pay for each click on the ad (for example, text link, banner or video). Similarly, advertisers receive a commission based on the PPC. For example, many advertising networks such as Google AdWords and AdSense on the […]

The Significance of Mobile Games In The Application Market

Velma765 28 January, 2017 0

The mobile gaming industry has exploded since the launch of the iPhone and then the iPad. Games like Angry Birds have achieved a whopping three billion downloads as of 2015 and are available virtually in all mobile operating systems. However, there are still some who are not betting on these platforms. The market for mobile […]