What You Need To Know About Pay Per Click Advertising

The pay per click (PPC) is a billing method in Online Marketing, like the CPM. With this method, advertisers pay for each click on the ad (for example, text link, banner or video). Similarly, advertisers receive a commission based on the PPC. For example, many advertising networks such as Google AdWords and AdSense on the most part relies on this method.

General information

To establish which is the best payment of an advertising campaign on the Internet, advertisers need to set the commission of advertisers based on a quantitative method. The number of clicks is an accounting measure that can be easily analyzed, although there are still cases of fraud in this area. Tracking the number of clicks on websites and the origin of these can be analyzed with the tool Google Analytics. Clicks can also be easily obtained by AdServer.

The sponsored links are an alternative form of natural positioning, where there are chosen keywords for which you want the netizens to view the contextual ads it is designed, and the method used pay per click (called SEM: marketing search engines).

Thanks to sponsored links web page may appear in the short-term in the most relevant searches. With sponsored links in the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing, you can reach your customers at the right moment your customer is searching for your service.

Campaigns sponsored links represent an exceptional support for customer acquisition. It lets you choose the keywords or search criteria by which wants it found in the major search engines. Thus applying an analysis to keywords that bring visitors will be able to know whether they were profitable or not.

The price of a click can vary from just a few cents up to double – digit amounts. The cost of PPC depends on many factors. Pay per click Jacksonville FL can offer you good value for your money.

Factors to consider when advertising

  • The quality of the page where the ad appears: highly frequented portals have a PPC increased
  • Promotional material: clicks from banners likely require more advertising network than those from text links
  • Where the ad is placed on the website: the PPC of an ad on the homepage is always greater than in other pages
  • Google AdWords in the price is set through an auction and, therefore, it depends on the number of competitors and the amount of betting
  • Sector: the PPC in highly competitive industries is higher, for example, the financial sector.
  • Advertising volume: when carrying out large – scale advertising campaigns, prices are reduced

Factors that can affect your PPC performance

  • Quality of your website
  • CTR of your website
  • Rank of your platform
  • Relevance of your website on the advertising material

Therefore, the pay per click ends up being a connection point between the PPC of the advertiser.
There are many tips to optimize PPC, especially for ads through Google AdWords and AdSense, such as the following websites: AdSense optimization and optimizing AdWords PPCs. Pay per click Jacksonville FL can help you optimize your PPC.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Pay Per Click

The pay per click, PPC, can be easily calculated, for example, the evaluation log. Also, the PPC provides a precise and reliable basis for calculating the advertising budget that facilitates the creation of an offer to the advertiser.

A disadvantage of the PPC is that the number of clicks can be generated in a very simple way and advertisers can be easily deceived. Also, accounting PPC includes the total number of clicks and, therefore, a user who has entered several times on that link will also be counted in the pay per click. In that case, the price of the advertising campaign can increase quickly and get out of the budget.

Get some tips in improving your mobile SEO.

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Advantages Of Mobile Marketing

Advertisers have shown a strong demand for mobile marketing for five years, according to Frank Powell, who writes for the website Mobile Marketer. Powell also expects the trend to continue. Your business can benefit from ads that go directly to the phones of your customers, but you have to understand the specific advantages of mobile marketing so you can tailor your advertising to this new medium. This article will discuss the advantages of mobile marketing.


Mobile users are accustomed to using their phones for personal messages and conversations. If you adapt your mobile advertising messages to the expectations of mobile phone users, you can convey a sense of intimacy. Establishing relationships with your customers helps you achieve repeat business. You can concentrate in advertising pitches that do not imply greater tension and maintain a sense of friendship with your customers.

Instant update

Potential customers keep their mobile phones with them and have them on. This means that time-sensitive messages, such as notifications of sales and special events can reach customers with little or no delay. No other advertising medium offers this advantage of “permanent connection". You can expect consumers to receive your message and read it at their convenience at almost any time of the day.

Average size

The website claims that FetchLocalCustomers.com figures mobile advertising are enormous. According to statista.com 265.9 million owns mobile phones, and 222.9 million of these are smartphones. It is also forecasted that this year, smartphone users will grow to 2 billion users worldwide. Morgan Stanley predicts that by 2013, more people will access the Internet by phone than by the computer. If you need to market to the general public, the mobile advertising offers an effective way to reach large numbers of people.


Most people who use mobile phones keep them on hand all day. This means you can reach potential customers wherever they are. You no longer need to wait for them to go to their desk to connect to the internet, watch your physical sign or tune into a station in order to reach them. The mobile advertising follows people wherever they go and does not depend on any single location. You have access to your customers 24 hours.


The mobile advertising costs a fraction of what they cost TV ads and radio. This means you can reach more people for less money. You can afford to send repeated messages or new messages to remind customers what you offer. You can test the effectiveness of mobile ads before moving to more expensive means.

Trends In Mobile Phone Marketing

According to some analyst, smartphones will continue to grow faster than PC and even above the television. The volume of apps continues to grow. Google also includes a distinctive search result from mobile devices that indicates whether or not the page that appears in the result is ‘mobile friendly".

Everything indicates that the mobile will follow its firm step and determined to be the support on which brands have to position themselves in this New Year. New formulas and new trends in mobile marketing are coming to the market. The following are trends of mobile marketing for this year.

Advertising by personal assistants

Four of the biggest players in the mobile space (Google, Bing, Apple and Facebook) have all been investing a huge amount of time and resources into the power of “virtual assistants". Google created Google Now, Bing has Cortana, Apple has Siri and Facebook is testing M. The goal of all these companies is to become the best personal assistant ever developed, to provide personalized information and ads proactively before a user even makes a request. Positioning in these types of tools will literally “take users to the garden".

Personalization of the mobile browsing experience

There are customized campaigns based on specific devices, user profiles, and navigation. Today"s customers want customization, so it"s important to meet their needs and create customized campaigns. As we move into the mobile age, it is crucial that companies create a human experience within Smartphone.

Mobile payments

Mobile payments will continue to be imposed. It will no longer be isolated in mobile banking but to other business sectors as well. According to a Forrester report, it is expected that payments based on mobile in the US will reach $ 142 billion in volume in 2019. Brands and applications will integrate mobile payment features to appeal to the mobile consumer base crop.

Campaigns with vertical video ads

The trend towards vertical video advertising is about to take off. Big players like Audi, AT & T and NBC are testing this format and have noticed an 80% increase in ad completion. This trend is going to transcend advertising and longer video production as well. At the beginning of 2017 we will see a significant increase of moving marks in this space and throughout the year the solution will be analyzed.

Mobile video ads

The ability not only to capture the attention of a user with a video but also to redirect to a website or an application plays a key role in the growth of mobile video format. It is expected that the mobile video market to reach more than $ 13 billion by 2020 and has already grown rapidly in 2015. The first half of next year will see a great growth

The end of a unique size for the mobile design

The end of the one-size-fits-all idea for mobile phone designs comes to an end. People ingest content in the mobile in a completely different way, so each user must meet their needs. Brands should start thinking about the user experience, as well as personalization of the content.