The Significance of Mobile Games In The Application Market

Velma765 28 January, 2017 0

The mobile gaming industry has exploded since the launch of the iPhone and then the iPad. Games like Angry Birds have achieved a whopping three billion downloads as of 2015 and are available virtually in all mobile operating systems. However, there are still some who are not betting on these platforms.

The market for mobile applications, in general, is growing at a breakneck pace. According to the latest statistics from, 65 billion apps have been downloaded from Google Play and 140 billion apps from Apple App Store. The number of mobile application downloads will continue to grow exponentially. If this trend continues, games will be one of the most downloaded application types.

According to data Chomp, a search engine application, the most popular type of application on Android are games with a 27.1% market share. Second are the ‘apps" utility and entertainment, with 16% each. In iPhone, as of December 2016, the first position is occupied by games with 24.85% market share followed by business applications with 9.96% market share. These statistics are according to the latest data of In addition, users are willing to pay for these applications. A Nielsen study showed that 93% of users who had downloaded an app in the last month were willing to pay for a game, while only 76% were willing to pay for other application.

This market could increase to $101 billion dollars by 2020 according to App Annie mobile app forecast. In 2015, games dominated the market by generating 85% of the mobile app revenue or $34.8 billion worldwide. This figure is expected to grow to $74.6 billion by 2020. Although another type of apps will grow faster, gaming apps will still hold a significant market share.

Even Nintendo who previously expressed their opposition in releasing games for the mobile platform has also jumped on the bandwagon. Traditionally, the company"s strategy has been to develop software only for their platforms. This strategy “has not changed and will not change," said Yasuhiro Minagawa, a spokesman for the company, told Bloomberg. Even the president of Nintendo, Satoru Iwata, previously criticized that the market value of the mobile game industry is ahead of its quality.

Last year, Nintendo finally embraced the mobile game app market when it released “Miimoto" which became a success. Some of their mobile game titles such as Pokemon Go and Super Mario Run were so popular that Nintendo’s shares temporarily jumped up. Mobile phone gamers can expect more games from Nintendo following the company’s huge success in the mobile game market.

Other popular gaming companies have also released some titles on Google Play and App Store. Square Enix, the creator of the famous Final Fantasy series, has released several of its titles for iPhone and iPad. Electronic Arts, meanwhile, often get many of their titles placed among the most downloaded on the App Store.

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