Understanding The Relationship Between Google And SEO

Velma765 17 June, 2017 0

Google has received media attention repeatedly due to the data it collects from web users. Many businesses from different sectors today benefit from this type of information, and you can also benefit from it since it is a handy resource to identify and connect with your prospects. Let us know in depth how you can take advantage of this.

Google shares an ample amount of data

Did you know that Google shares an ample amount of data for free? This information is not shared in its entirety, but enough so that your business will benefit from it. Having advanced knowledge of digital behavior and complementing it with the data that Google provides, will enable you to successfully optimize your website and thus focus on the type of audience that is most likely to convert.

What kind of information does Google share?

Imagine that you have an e-commerce website. Now, think that you can see every customer that will visit your online store. Not only that, you can see where each customer walks and how much time they spend looking at each of the products. Google enables you to do this, and a lot more of monitoring. By understanding this information, it is possible to make a more accurate hypothesis as to why a sale might or might not materialize. You can use this information to implement changes that generate future conversions and sales.

Also, Google shows you where users come from. This allows you to tailor and customize the SEO approach with the goal of focusing on traffic sources that provide valuable visitors. If most of the converting visitors come from social networks, then you should consider the idea of ​​developing a social media marketing strategy.

However, if traffic comes from local searches, you may need to optimize your website for local organic searches. Then, you can use Google data to monitor, manage and improve the performance of your site on the search results pages (SERP). According to this premise, you can contact a Jacksonville SEO company that offers customers SEO services and the option of positioning their content in Google search engines very simply. A Jacksonville SEO team can design effective strategies to easily localized potential customers to visit your website and thus improve the user experience.

How can I obtain this information?

If you have a website, you can try to get three Google tools you need to have. These are Google WebmasterTool, Google Analytics, and Google Adwords. If there is one lesson you should learn from this article, you should get these three tools. Because they are free, there are no excuses for not getting them.

What are the benefits of these tools for SEO?

These tools only give you information. But in SEO, information is a powerful tool. By understanding your audience, you can successfully communicate your marketing goals. By knowing your digital habits, you can successfully determine target audience. Moreover, by understanding the functionality of your website, you can better implement the changes to maximize conversion possibilities. All this is possible by understanding this type of information that your business has.

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